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I'm a huge optimist. And a huge procrastinator (We'll talk about that later). My life goal is simple; Do a lot of good for others and do that really well. I want to be nice to others, I want to create content and value through a captivating personality that leaves a positive social impact. People & Progress. People are at the heart of everything I do, I love and appreciate the people that are around me and those who I haven't yet met. Those who pass you by on the streets of Toronto, those who live in a village in Thailand, Those who you've known for years, they all carry a unique story, explore those people. Progress, remember how I told you I procrastinate a lot? It's because I want everything to come out perfect, and perfect never comes, so I was destined to never chase my dreams. Well, recently I found what perfect is, Progress. I think the perfect story I can share is my Progress in something so unique and original; the progress of zero to hero (read: A Very possible failure) of making a positive impact. Most get rich or successful and then can provide to help people. Bill Gates became the richest man and then opened a foundation that I can only dream of opening one day. Ellen was a really good comedian and then had a show where she gets paid for her personality to be nice to others. Can I progress to those levels by just being being nice to others and work on my personality? As if it was a career move? Small Nice (Current level) to More Nice to Better Nice to Big Entertaining Nice? Can that be a career? This is my journey to explore that lifestyle. I also love to take photos of food, culture, & people... Currently looking for & working with brands able to bring them to life through sharing captivating stories, in what I call Human Activations. I also love Toronto & Canada (If that wasn't clear enough) Thank you for following.

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bring out emotion.

I believe that in today's world, it's simply not competitive enough to make a good product or a great service. Technology, globalization, & the rate of innovation allows for anyone, anywhere to provide great product, the barriers to entry are increasingly low. The name of the game is attaining & retaining customers and the most competitive way to do that is by designing customer experiences. Customer experience and building brand is my passion, I have proven to myself that I can do this for free for clients for a few years, have made great connections in many areas and am confident in providing value to business. I focus on how a brand makes customers and non-customers feel, by building experiences and also bringing the brand to life, that is my product; Human activations. I work with brands to activate a human emotion to the target audience, I believe this the most valuable way to attain and retain customers.

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I want to thank my family, friends, strangers, and the multiple companies that have believed in me to bring their brand to life. I am proud of the impact I've made and invite more opportunities to fight the good fight.

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